Why Choose Us

Why Choose Pelican

The Pelican Edge: -Pelican Events is large Event Management Company, handling all Types of Events on an end-to-end basis, as a Single Point of Contact. We have been handling- Large, Medium, Indian and International- All Events, At Par.


Expertise in delivering end to end, large scale events & projects with in depth partnerships with leading organisations and partners


Organizing monthly events for over 30,000 people across 23 States and 45 cities for National and International Clients


Strong Network of over 300+ Partners across the country for Venues, Banquets , Food and Beverages, Professional Security Agencies, Equipment and AV, Furniture, Decorators,Travels to name a few


Proven expertise in providing savoury experiences in culinary arts and events with our Cordon Bleu Chef


Trained Personnel to handle and manage these events, which includes Hosts / Hostesses and Master of Ceremonies